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Upon a budget emergency as a single mom, I decided to explore the option of utilizing Security Finance’s services. I was extremely disappointed to find out that their approach is misleading.

I received phone call after phone call from them with reminder calls and calls asking my reasons. if I was even one day late. They even started showing up at my home, despite The general rule that you have 30 days before a payment is considered late.! I would highly recommend refusing to give out your work number because that turns into one big nightmare and Can put you at risk of losing your job due to the frequency of their calls.

Please know that they do put every transaction on your credit report, including renewing or rolling over a current loan.

When paying my monthly payment still within 30 days, but a few days late, I was asked why I was late.

This is none of their business!

I believe they actually do not have the right to ask you anything about reasons regarding payment. The interest rates are extremely substantial so I would recommend seeking help elsewhere, If at all possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Security Finance Loan.

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High interest rate they are a rip off this should be not be legal.


If you're 1 day late on a contractual agreement, the lender at hand has every right to ask why you are late. Not to mention, being 1 day past due is considered defaulting on a loan.


They feel intitled to know why you are late because they let you borrow money, you are not paying on time and you know when you are due. Can you imagine lending someone money and you both had an agreement as to when they are going to pay you and they don’t? Wouldn’t you want to know why?

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