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I opened a small loan in August of 2016 to rebuild my credit, and this was the only reason I opened with Security Finance. After paying for 7 months, on time, and in the 8th month paying it off I find out that my loan and payment history has never been reported!

I called the corporate office and finally got a supervisor and all she could say was they did an update in August and have suspended all reporting until further notice. I asked her why I wasn't told at the loan closing when they have me the form that says they will report my loan.

She said they thought it was going to be brief and then I asked her why wasn't I notified in the mail about it and she said she couldn't answer that for me. I am a little upset and would like to know how they can get away with this and what I can do on my side????

Review about: Security Finance Credit Report.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fact i was lied to.

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I've encountered same issue opened a loan with this agency in Decent 2017 still not reported on either credit bureaus I've called each month all I am told is that their system was updated and some accounts weren't reporting. I haven't missed not a one payment and it's not reporting I've contacted all credit bureaus and they've stated that I need to contact creditor to have it reported pissed consumer.i wonder if I stop paying it for a month will it report delinquent


Thanks for the review. I was seriously considering a loan for the purpose of building my credit but if they don't report to the credit bureaus, then it would be a waste of my time and money.

Very helpful. THANKS.


Ive been dealing with this since i closed out my loan in august 2017. 3rd loan ive had with them, started with 300, then 500, then this last for 1000.

Weird thing is, my fiance closed hers in july 2017 and it reported, me 1 month later, and ots not even showing that i had a loan to begin with, let alone good payment history or closed the balance at 0.

After talking to both local offices and corporate, i too have been told it was a botched update, and that some peoples are starting to report again.

It sucks to be someone building their credit for the sole purpose of buying a home in early 2018, only to find at the end of a long drawn out loan process, it was for absolutely nothing. But you can bet your rear end, their inquiry is on there.

I visited them today and would like to continue our business relationship as my local office staff is truly awesome, but however o cant until this issue is resolved, and unfortunately with the holiday season here, i have to move on to a different lender in hopes to start all over what i began last year.


Have the same problem. Have had a loan for 3 months and in the information they sent it says specifically rebuild your credit cash this check today.

False advertising is illegal. I can bet that if I missed a payment I would have negative payment history in my credit file.

I also have a hard inquiry on my credit file which hurts my overall score. What a scam and I will never, ever, ever get another loan with these people.


Whether a company chooses to report to the credit bureaus or not is completely up to that company. The FCRA only regulates what is required if a company chooses to report. Google "Is a lender required to report to the credit bureaus."


My wife and I are having the same issue.. its about Class action time I think.

We both have loans through them because we have a good friend that works at our local office. I filed a BBB complaint, and instead of fixing the credit reporting they threatened to fire our friend!!

I had no choice but to drop the complaint. The credit bureaus say it is as easy as a phone call for them to fix it also.

Houston, Texas, United States #1323701

Same here. 2nd loan.

Not reported.

Easy to get a loan but will do nothing to help your credit. Shame on them for the misleading information.

Perry, Oklahoma, United States #1321906

I am currently dealing with the same problem.

Hinesville, Georgia, United States #1320132

I am having the same problem. I just sent them a written notice of my intent to ftle a complaint under the FCRA if my pay history is not reported immediately.

I'm really considering suing them because they are intentionally keeping my credit score low by not reporting. I have paid out 2 loans and have 3 more payments on a 3rd loan. NONE of my payments are on there.

In fact it doesn't even show that 2 of the loans ever even existed. Conversely, I have 2 HARD inquiries on my credit report from them.

Illinois, United States #1318398

I have security finance loans for many years and never had a problem until now. I paid my loan on time every month.

when I asked for the final payment they quoted me the amount. I sent the money thru my bank just like every month. When they got my final payment they called me and stated that I had to pay more money because my pay ment was not date stamped. (like an envelope at the post office.

So I ended up paying more money to them and finally got it Payed off. This is really bull ***.

How can you date stamp a check from the bank. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF> THATS FOR SURE.

Lexington, Tennessee, United States #1315332

The exact same thing happened to me. The only reason I kept my account open is so that it would help raise my credit score.

The last time my payment history was reported was in June/July 2016. I renewed the account in December and actually paid it off last month.

It is still showing as an open account and I want it off my credit report ASAP! I'm contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and suggest you do the same.

Kennett, Missouri, United States #1309833

I've used security finance in Missouri for several years and never had a problem

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1309368

They lied to me for six months saying it was an IT problem and it was getting fix ,well 7 months later not fix and they never reported anything they just brought my credit score down..this was really hurtful and they seem like they don't care about lieing to customers..this place is a fraud

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1311539

You need to report this to BBB

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1309366

I got my loan in October they did me the same way I only got with them because they suppose to report to credit bureaus but never did .! they messed me up on getting a house by not reporting..please stay away from this company

to Damon will Oak Grove, Kentucky, United States #1335337

Going through the same exact thing right now. I keep getting told their doing new updates on their computers/data systems but it has been the same resonse for months now.

I only took out the loan to boost my credit to get a house but they are screwing my credit up not fixing it!! What do I do.

I need this fixed like NOW!!!


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