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I went to make a payment on my loan. When I was finished, I found out I could get money today if I wanted.

I was told $197.00. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and do it. I was speaking to one woman only, but the other woman working rudely interupted the conversation not once but several times. At first I asked nicely for her to stop interupting.

She continued any way. Which got me upset. I also had to go multiple times to get different information that could have been told to me in the beginning. After I finally had all the information gathered I was told I would only get $108.00.

Again I was upset. Who wouldn't be after they had been told ine thing and then another. Of course the other lady wanted to mouth off again. I was now even madder since I was lied to and spent half the day gathering the information.

I told her to stfu. Not probably the best thing to say but she wouldn't let other woman talk. Kinda rude so I got rude back. I don't like being lied to and trying to listen to two people talk at the same time.

I am unable to for it confuses and angers me since I couldn't understand. I would like to say I'll not be ever going back to a lying store again not even to finish paying my loan due to the incompitant rude woman that works there ever again as will I be contacting BBB. You have lost several customers as well as I know many who have loans with you.

They won't be in there anymore as well. I hate liars and the woman should be fired for being rude and interupting.

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